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Data Protection

I. General Provisions

I.1. These data protection regulations (hereinafter - the "Rules") govern the basic principles and procedures to which the UAB Digimaksas ", number _ (hereinafter - the" Seller "), managed by the web store (hereinafter - the" e-store) Shoppers of personal data .

I.2. Shoppers of personal data processing determines the rules, the rule of Law on Personal Data Protection Act and other legislation regulating the collection of such data.

I.3. Buyer to sign in to the e-shop system confirms that these Rules read and agree with them.

II. Presentation of the registration

II.1. The buyer must submit a registration form, full, complete and correct information about themselves. If the registration form to the buyer of inaccurate, false or misleading information, the seller has the right to cancel the registration, and delete data or restrict Customer access to e-shop.

II.2. Buyer have the right to modify and update the information on the registration form.

II.3. Vendor acknowledges and respects every individual who visit e-store, right to privacy. The seller collects and uses personal physical data (name, address, birth date, address, phone number, email address and other e-stores the information on the registration form) to:

* Customer to process orders for goods or services;
* Solve problems related to the presentation or delivery of goods;
* Perform other purchase obligations under the contract.

II.4. Personal data is processed by secure means to protect such data from unauthorized destruction, disclosure, or other illegal activities.

II.5. Non-personal Customer data, namely the data related to purchased goods, the seller may be used for statistical purposes. This data collection process will not directly or indirectly to the Customer ID. Seller reserve the right statistics to a third party.

III. Personal data to third parties

III.1. The seller has the right to communicate information to third parties only 2.2 goals.

III.2. Buyer Seller does not transmit personal data to third parties without your separate consent except in circumstances provided for in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

IV. Changing the rules

IV.1. The seller has the right to partially or completely change these rules by informing the e-shop.

IV.2. If the buyer after the changes in the use of e-shopping services, as Seller, the Purchaser has agreed to change the rules.

V. Final Provisions

V.1. These rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

V.2. Any dispute concerning the enforcement of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the disagreements are resolved the Republic of Lithuania laws.