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Baseus Osculum Gravity SUYL-XP0S silver

Prekės kodas: KPAPBAOSGRSI
Baseus Osculum Gravity SUYL-XP0S silver
Gamintojas: Baseus
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Baseus Osculum Gravity SUYL-XP0S silver
Baseus Osculum is an innovative car mount with encircling paws, automatic alignment memory and special triangle design that makes it stable as a mountain. Made of premium quality materials (PC + aluminum), dashboard holder with many adjustable options (with 360-degree rotation) and useful cutout for charging port. Comfortable to use even with one hand. Thanks to gravity auto-lock function, Osculum will hold your cell phone automatically when you put your phone onto it. Also, it has strong, reusable sucker, stylish look, and portable size.
Brand: Baseus
Name: Osculum
Material: PC + Aluminum
Fixed position: Dashboard
Size: 18,5 x 11,6 x 9 cm
Weight: 140 g
Compatibility: mobile devices with 6,3 – 8,8 cm width and 1 cm thickness max
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